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How to Sew French Seams with a Side Seam Split
Hello sewists! Today I’m sharing a French seam tutorial, and how to sew it even when your garment has a split in the seam. Typically, this would be on a top, but it could also be on the bottom of pants or even the hem of a skirt. I’ll be demonstratin...
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Pattern Hack: Lengthen a Blouse to a Tunic
A great way to add longevity to a kid’s top pattern is to lengthen it into a tunic. Today, I have a tutorial using the Anno and Pum Kid’s Peasant Top sewing pattern to do just that!There are two ways to lengthen a garment into a tunic. First, you can...
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girls peasant blouse sleeve hack
Girls Cap Sleeve Peasant Blouse Pattern Hack: Using Trim as a Sleeve
This post is part of a series this month about the Anno and Pum Kids' Peasant Sleeve Top by Apparel Pattern Making. So far, I've shown how you can lengthen a blouse to a tunic, and how to sew French seams with a side seam split. The last ha...
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