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Patternmaker, Designer, Instructor

Traci Anderson is the owner and patternmaker for Apparel Pattern Making, LLC who has over 25 years of experience in the apparel industry and as an adjunct instructor teaching in university-level programs. Where she has developed sewing pattern products for all genders and sizes with various fabric types ranging across the board. Including products for industrial, home use, apparel, softgoods, and even for electrical circuiting censoring within clothing.

Her specialty area of focus is in active sportswear apparel for the active lifestyle and continues today to work as a patternmaker, and technical designer for her own business and instructs as a patternmaker technician for the University of Oregon Sports Product Master's Degree Program.

Seamstress, Writer, Virtual Assistant

Beth Byrge is my Virtual Assistant in Apparel Pattern Making and is also the sewer, tech editor, and social media guru behind the Anno & Pum Home Sewing Pattern Collection.

She is also the owner and wiz of the 100creations site where she blogs about several sewing projects, her SVG designs, along with other interest.